Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Olympics Day!

I am soooo excited for the Olympics to start! I don't know whether it is the pomp and circumstance, the lump in my throat every time the National Anthem is played, or the secret envy of all those athletically inclined humans. I was althletically challenged as a child - too long legs, back surgery, and asthma (that wasn't diagnosed until I was an adult). I was a mess when it came to the President's Physical Fitness Test. So, every four years I get to live vicariously through the mighty Olympians. I will watch from opening ceremonies to closing, every medal stand, each swimming heat. This time I am also intrigued by the location. Beijing is such a mystery to the western world and I can't wait to see NBC's coverage of China.

Let the Games begin!!!


Jessica said...

I usually feel the same way as you do about the Olympics. I watch every thing from beginning to end. But this year they are hosting the Olympics in a communist country, one that gives way to many terrible things (like torturing people for their religious beliefs) that I am boycotting the Olympics this time around. It is such a shame what that country has done to it's own people (like taking people's homes from them so they could build the stadium) and being a Patriot that stands for liberty, freedom and the humane treatment of all people. I cannot bring myself to show any support for the hosting country of China. Hope the U.S. brings home many medals though!

Wheezer said...

While I appreciate your feelings about the Chinese and their human rights issues, I cannot agree with boycotting our athletes. I am not watching to support the Chinese, I am watching to support the USA. The love of sport and dedication to our great nation is what makes me watch. I am also a patriot and I show my support to the United States athletes by cheering them on. I steer away from politics on this blog - one, because I don't know enough to speak intelligently about politics and two, because my blog is supposed to be a lighthearted way for me to express myself. I appreciate your viewpoint, let's just agree to disagree!