Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oxygen, please!

Thank you, OK Magazine...I am now suffering from a monstrous case of the vapors...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guys don't make passes...

I have worn contacts for as long as I can remember.  I started to need eyeglasses in college when all that reading took its toll on my eyesight.  I only needed them for reading then but, as the years passed, I started to need them for distance, too.  I didn't want to walk around like this:

But, being the vain yet insecure young woman, I could not fathom wearing nerd glasses.  

You know the old saying?  Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses.  I couldn't risk it.

Plus, I had never seen a pair of prescription glasses that were my know: cute, sassy, with just a touch of attitude.  You just couldn't find them back then.  So, I got contacts and loved them...except when I went somewhere overnight and forgot my case and my solution and had to put them in a Dixie cup on the bathroom counter and then forgot that's what was in the Dixie cup and drank them with my Tylenol.  Oh, and when I got an eyelash or piece of dust under one of them - OMG! the pain?  unbearable!  Or when I had a few too many happy drinks and forgot they were in my eyes and slept in them - OUCH!  I can honestly say I know what sandpaper feels like on my corneas!  But I have lived with them happily now for more than a few years. 

But, now, there are such cute, stylish, sassy eyeglass frames out there to choose from.  And lots of cute stylish, sassy women out there who wear them...

I might just have to order some new glasses to wear instead of my contacts when I am feeling especially sassy.  Plus, Bubba thinks I look secksy in them!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Women Tell All!

I don't really have much to say about the WTA episode.  If you watched it, you weren't surprised with any of it, except maybe for the "Bachelor Gives Back" part.  Predictable interviews with Gia, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Ali told us everything we already knew.  I really like Ashleigh, I think she is the most real, down to earth, funny girl there - truly what you see is what you get.  They all don't like Vienna but no one gave concrete examples of why, just that she never thought before she opened her mouth and she is immature.  The whole Rozlyn segment was awkward and uncomfortable.  ABC was trying really hard to shore up their case that they were right for kicking her off.  Interesting that Jessie never told her story about them on the steps until right then.  Didn't they do exit interviews with these girls to find out who knew what and when?  I can't believe she swore on her child's life.  Whether she was telling the truth or not, you don't do that.  She is obviously under the control of some, maybe a lot of lawyers.  Deny, deny, deny...until everyone forgets you.  I really wish that ABC has some secret footage catching them in the act.  Also interesting that they never named the producer in question.  Kudos to Chris for not dignifying her comment about him hitting on the producer's wife with a comment of her own.  Whatever.  She was very defensive and condescending to all the women and Chris.  Jake, um...whoever you choose, it is obvious that you are still deeply in love with Ali.  You couldn't look at her without tears popping into your eyes.  Should you have let her come back?  Probably.  Should you pursue her now?  Maybe.   Out of the public eye?  Definitely.Outtakes are always the highlight of the WTA episode and these were no exceptions.  My favorites were Tenley scaring the sh*t out of Gia hiding in the trunk, Jake looking at Gia's butt while she was leaning over the railing, and the people in the car yelling at Jake and Ali!Next week is the finale!  Who will he chose?    

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Olympics - Eye Candy Edition

I have a question...

Bode Miller - Alpine skiing, USA

Bryon Wilson - Freestyle Skiing, USA

Chad Hedrick - Speed Skating, USA

J.R. Celski - Speed Skating, Short Track, USA

Anton Apolo Ohno - Speed Skating, Short Track, USA

Seth Wescott - Snowboard, USA

Shani Davis - Speed Skating, USA

Shaun White - Snowboard, USA

Louis Vito - Snowboard, USA

Tony Angiboust - Curling, France

Alexandre Bilodeau, Freestyle Skiing, Canada

Has anyone else noticed the plethora of handsome men in this Winter Olympics?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics - Fashion Edition

I have been enjoying the Olympics as I always do.  There is something about the passion, determination, and commitment of the athletes that makes me happy.  I am in awe of their skills, their courage, and their drive.  If I had just one tenth of that, I would be able to rule the world (or at least get off my but and exercise every now and again).  One thing I have noticed this year, besides the amazing talent of the American athletes, is their cool uniforms.  So I bring you the Vancouver Olympics Fashion Report.

From the Opening Ceremonies - by Ralph Lauren

Dashing, debonaire, studly, cool, dude...

Beautiful, sexy (but not too), stylish, gorgeous

Podium Jackets by Nike
Love the ombre look, very nice

Snowboard Suits by Burton
So very cool, love the plaid, love the pants that look like jeans

Bobsled/Freestyle Skiing by Under Armour
Love the stars, a little like pj's but if I could wear pj's to do my job, I totally would

Lindsay Vonn and Julie Mancuso's beanies by Ralph Lauren
So very cute!  Love Lindsay's with the Olympic rings

Honorable mentions from other countries...

Canada's Torchbearer's mittens

However the award for greatest team uniform goes to:

The Norwegian Curling Team
Those silly Norsemen!

Next up, Winter Olympics - Eye Candy Edition

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It will be the most BORING SEASON EVER!!!

Why didn't Chris Harrison just tell us at the beginning of the season that Jake is the most boring bachelor ever?  It might have saved us all some time.  Even on the tropical exotic dates, there is just something so boring about him.  I don't find myself invested in this season as much as season's past, possibly because I lost my innocence over the Jason/Molly/Melissa thing but also, Jake is just so...boring.

Anyhoo...on to the exotic dates in St. Lucia.  "Mr. Dateless" is so obviously hung up on Gia's modelesque beauty that he has tricked himself into believing that she is more than just a pretty face.  Right, Jake, she is more than a pretty face, she is pretty legs, boobs, tushie, etc.  But as for brains...well...did I mention she is pretty?  They have a boring date and kiss a lot.  Off to the fantasy suite where Gia can show Jake how brainy she really is because you know in the fantasy suite the couple always plays Trivial Pursuit all night long!

His next date is with Tenly, or as I like to call her "MyX" because that is how she starts every sentence..."My X never did this with me."  "My X wouldn't do that with me."  "My X is still living in my head and I am totally not over him."  Once again, boring date, lots of kissing.  She is my favorite as far as she is the most mature.  She asked Jake how he would pursue her in the real world when he didn't have ABC footing the bill and in true egomaniacal pilot form he told her he would be flying her to the Caymans at his every whim.  Because that is what normal everyday men do when courting women in the 21st century.  What ever happened to dinner and a movie?  No wonder women these days have such high expectations and men don't even try - why should they if they can't live up to TV?  Fantasy suite...blahblahblahnotbeenwithanyoneexceptmyXbutsureI'llgospendthenightwithyoublahblahblah.

Last date is with Vienna.  This girl is 100% ho and I am sure that is what Jake likes about her.  There's just something about Vienna, he keeps saying.  Yea, she's a ho.  She licked you, for crying out loud!  And you licked her back?  Do you know where that thing has been?  And, boring date, lots of kissing, fantasy suite, more proof that she is a ho (negligee, closing the bedroom doors) and...scene.

Then, in the most unsurprising surprise development, Ali calls and tells Jake she made a mistake.  Gosh! I didn't see that coming!  I kind of hoped he would let her back in and kick Vienna to the curb but he was fresh off some fantasy suite action and wasn't about to let that go.  Sorry, Ali, you will have to live with your regret for the rest of your life or at least until ABC casts you as the next Bachelorette.

Ok, rose ceremony...boring, who didn't guess who the roses were going to?  Sorry, Gia, but the air in your head just couldn't keep Jake from blowing you off.

So, is Jake going to go with the girl who is still hooked on her X or the girl who is rated X?  Next week is the Women Tell All where we will hear from Rozlyn and Ali and be teased by Chris.  Tune in, or just stop by here on Tuesday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fix it Friday #43


Such beautiful eyes!

This one scares me a little...

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I may have to switch teams...

Bubba and I were channel surfing the other night and the movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2 was on.  We have both seen it before but there was nothing else on so we watched it.  Little did I know there was an adorable and very young Taylor Lautner starring as Eliot Murtaugh, of the rival family to the Bakers.  How on earth does this sweet young thing...

Turn into this...

Holy crap!

Happy 18th Birthday, Taylor!  Now that you are legal, I don't feel so dirty when I drool over your photo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Craziest Season Ever!!!

This is my stream of consciousness Bachelor post.  I DVR'd it and and am watching it while I type...This is the hometown date week...


has to be the ugliest boat I have ever seen...what's with the clutching her hands under her chin...her brother is scary...that hair, those glasses...yikes, her mother says i hope he is the one that heals her heart...  talk about pressure if he picks her...very wise that she can't ask him to love one can love someone that quickly...fall in love maybe but true love takes lipstick?  really?!


so cute how he kissed her cheek and told her he missed her.  awesome grandma's house love the charm.  funny about her mom googling him...asking her if it is ok to marry her daughter...didn't do that with gia's mom.  i think he really likes her...took off his gloves so that he could kiss her.


oregon is pretty reminds me of germany  look at him checking out her legs while she was dancing...didn't like her paper bag skirt...needed to be more flowy...liked her dad...down to earth and solid...i don't think she or her family has recovered from her divorce...still mourning the marriage...may be too soon...whole family is very emotional...asks dad for permission to marry her....VERY passionate kiss!  wowsers!!!


she is a total ditz...icky love fest between she and her dad...a little too close?  he is a bit of a jacka$$...totally see him being right in the middle of their says V has had other women calling her out all her life...ding!ding!ding!  what more do you need to know?  she has not been nice her whole from this girl!  run fast!  her dad totally walked in on them making out!  preview of things to come?  daddy will be walking in on them a lot...didn't see him ask for her hand.

Ali it really that hard to decide whether to stay there or go back to work...if you think you love him, you stay.!   however...he didn't tell her to stay.

Chris Harrison..."thanks for quitting your job, but you're not the one!"

Ali looks like she swallowed something nasty...or took too many drugs...i do understand her would be different if she knew totally that he was going to pick her...glad he told her that he didn't want her to go...she is going totally into the ugly cry...somebody get that girl a tissue...he looks like he is going to blow chunks...i think she is making a huge mistake...he totally loves her...this has been the craziest season ever!

headed to st. lucia with Tenly, Gia, and Vienna...

what about the phone call?  will Ali come back for ATFR?

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm a Nguyener (Winner)!!!

A while back I entered a contest over at Amyboo's.  Since I never, EVER win anything, I didn't give it a second thought.  And then, lo and behold (what exactly does that mean anyway?), I get an email from Amyboo herself stating that I had won.  Today I received my booty in the mail.  Check it, ladies.  I give you COLD PLASMA...


Ok, that is a really small photo, sorry.  Imagine, if you will, youth in a jar.  This stuff is $150 an ounce!  That means that this stuff costs $19,200 a gallon!  So, it's not just youth in a jar, it's also gold in a jar!!!  I am so excited!  I would never spend that kind of money on beauty products.  Can't justify it when there are house payments, car payments, food, etc that are more pressing.  I am hoping that it will take away my wrinkles and other unmentionables that are marching across my face.  I will keep you posted.  I am hopeful that I will go from looking like this...

 to looking like this...