Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obsessed, much?

I found this cloud generator over at April Showers from and I couldn't resist.  It uses the most frequently used words on your blog and makes them larger than the lesser used ones.  While I thought that my most used word would be Bubba or BoyBoy or Melly, obviously I am more obsessed with The Bachelor than I thought.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Friday

Go, whoever!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Askin'...

Is it sad that, aside from my sister, all my friends live in my computer?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, no he didn't!

Last night's Bachelor was one for the record books.  The first walk of shame, the most inappropriate kisses,the highest note ever hit in a drama and the first NOT to give out all the roses...Total chaos and entertainment!  I loved it!

The ladies had to sing a self-written love song to Jason in order to win the one-on-one date.  The songs we all equally terrible but the award for most terrible has to go to Stephanie.  As we say in the South, bless her heart, she gave it her best pageant queen try, but that falsetto, operatic screech fest topped off by a note that I think dogs in Nova Scotia heard and are still barking at was nothing short of disastrous (how's that for a run-on sentence?).  Nikki had an emotional breakdown that was nothing short of snot producing.  She eventually pulled herself together and screeched out a song to her future children.  Way to step out of your comfort zone and outside the parameters of the task.  You were supposed to sing to Jason...Anyhoo, Molly was chosen for the one-on-one date which turned out to be the most non-date ever.  They ate cheeseburgers and french fries on the floor at Jason's pad and then made s'mores over the fire pit in the backyard.  Now, I like this date.  More like real life and less like Hollywood.  One of my biggest problems with the "dream" dates is that they are so unrealistic.  Natalie was confused last week because Jason kept saying "This is the best date I have ever been on!" and she thought he was talking about her and not the private jet to Vegas, or the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, or the dinner in the 5 star restaurant.  No wonder she was confused.  This date in Jason's backyard was more like a real date where two people actually get to talk to each other and learn if they can get along with out a TV or Robin Thicke playing in your living room.  Obviously, Jason thinks he can and gave Molly the rose and they spent a moanful night inside the pup tent in his backyard.  She made history by returning to the house in his clothes the next morning, the first walk of shame in Bachelor history.  I did think it was a little tacky of her to tell all the other girls how she had gotten no sleep and then kept repeating it for dramatic effect...none, at all, up all night, so tired, blah, blah, blah.  Classy, babe.

The next date was the group date where the girls and Jason went on the set of General Hospital and were given scripts and sleazy outfits to get into character.  I had to stop counting at all the times Jason was kissed.  It was rather embarrassing.  Shannon, Tooth Nazi, made a total fool out of herself, following him around like a lovesick puppy stalker and planting an awkward kiss on him.  However, the most inappropriate kiss award goes to Megan.  She was dressed in a slinky black negligee and when she went in for the kiss she may as well have put on a diving mask and flippers she dove so far down poor Jason's throat.  Totally, uncomfortable and inappropriate and YUCKY!  The wrap party was just a sob fest with girl after girl weeping to Jason about how hard it was to watch him kissing other girls.  BooHooHoo...isn't that what you signed up for?  He was honest with everyone he talked to with the exception, I think, of Naomi.  He gave her the classic brush off line of "I want the best for you, whether it's with me or not."  Note to Naomi - he's just not that into you.   However, he gave her the rose for the group date just to lead her on for one more week.  

The most painful thing to watch on many levels was the two-on-one date.  Stephanie and Nikki were selected for this date knowing that one of them was going home at the end.  I was betting on Nikki due to her lack of spontaneity and control freakism.  But I was also hoping (as was Bubba) that he would send Stephanie home, too.  She just scares me.  Anyhoo, awkward date gets awkwarder when a lady comes in and teaches them how to waltz.  Now, I'm no Paula Abdul or Ginger Rogers, but both Nikki and Jason have no rhythm and it was like watching two people dance in super slow motion.  Stephanie further Stepfordized herself when she declared that she was once a ballet teacher.  She whooshes in and attempts to sweep Jason across the dance floor but his cement feet won't allow it.  Eventually, Jason decides to give the rose to Stephanie (maybe he likes opera?) and sends Nikki home.  Stephanie showed the most class when Jason returned from saying goodbye to Nikki and she asked him if Nikki was okay.  She truly is a class act.  

So, for the most shocking rose ceremony ever, Jason decided that he couldn't give out the final rose.  I say, good for him!  Let's not lead another girl on for one more week if I can crush her spirit now.  Tooth Nazi sealed the crazy deal when her last words to the camera were "I can't wait to get home to my toothbrush and french kiss my dog."  And that is why you didn't get a rose.  Jillian didn't get much face time in this episode and Bubba and I decided it is because she is much more mature and not such a drama queen as all the other girls.  She is still my favorite but even I can't deny the chemistry between Jason and Melissa.  He was all over her at the cocktail party and was so sweet to her at the same time.  She is pulling up a close second.  The rest are just being kept there for the, the final five are Jillian, Melissa, Stephanie, Naomi and Molly.  

Off to Seattle!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Story of Melly

This is the story of Melly and how she became a member of our family.  We (read me) had always wanted a dog.  We (meaning me) had held off getting one until we had a home with a fenced yard and thought we weren't going to move again.  So, when we moved to Virginia the last time, 5 years ago, I scoured the Internet and local shelters for a puppy.  

Then Hurricane Isabel hit...

For a while, I stopped my search.  Partially because we had some cleaning up to do and partially because we had no power for 2 weeks.  The week after power was restored, I went on one of my favorite puppy websites and saw Melly.  It was love at first sight!

A few weeks later we brought her home.  She cost us $100.  
(Look how little BoyBoy was!)

We had no idea what she was.  Her Foster Mom guessed that she had beagle, basset hound, maybe some dachshund, and some Shepard.  We just said she was Heinz 57.  Wasn't she cute? 

(Note to self - White Carpet and New Puppy...not a smart combination)

About 3 months after she arrived, she started limping. We noticed that her front paw was pointed to the left...

(Quit taking my picture, I am so over it!)

so we (read me) took her to the local vet.  I knew I was in trouble when she referred us to an orthopaedic veterinarian.  That title just sounds expensive, no?  After multiple x-rays and consultations and at least one second opinion, it was determined that she needed surgery.  The basset hound in her had reared its ugly head.  The surgery cost...wait for it...remember this dog only cost us $ are not going to believe...$1800!  ACK!!!

Bubba was not having it at all.  He kept telling me that we could put Melly down and get a dog with papers for that much.  But, how could we put her down?  We already loved her!

(What's not to love)

So, I sat at the bottom of the steps and did this:
('Cause this is how I roll)

Until he relented.  Poor Melly had the surgery and the loss of dignity that comes with it.  
(I can pick up Cinemax with this thing)

She spent 6 weeks with pins in her leg and limited sniffing,  frolicking and squirrel chasing in the backyard until she was pronounced healed and allowed to be her normal self again.  
(See my pretty, almost straight leg?)

So, that is the story of Melly.  Since then she had traveled extensively (to and from Germany).  She has fallen in love.  She has celebrated many Christmases.  She has chased all the rabbits and squirrels out of our back yard, and she has dug herself deeper into our hearts.  We love you,  Melly, and are so glad you picked us to be your people.


Shelley over at A Sister for the Bean is holding an awesome contest!  I am somewhat of a photography buff...not professional by any means but I have been lusting after this camera for a while now.  Go over to her blog and check out her contest, but don't enter it because I want to win!

April over at April Showers is having her 100th PostGiveaway.  April is a talented and creative bloggy stuff designer and she has some goodies up for grabs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wii Not So Fit

This is not a post about last night's Lost.  I just couldn't do it justice.  For a great recap, head over to Shannon's and see her most descriptive recap and be sure to check out her comments for some other interesting insight...

Anyhoo...The Cheeze family got Wii Fit for Christmas, which was more a gift for me and not BoyBoy or Bubba.  Bubba decided he hated Wii Fit when it told him he was overweight and made his Mii pudgy around the middle.  BoyBoy likes it but it is not as much fun as his Star Wars or Mario Kart.  I, on the other hand am totally addicted.  This thing is so cool!  It begins by testing your balance, weight, and BMI and then it gives you your Wii Fit age.  I am sad to say that on my first attempt my age was 20 years too high...boohoo.  I have always thought that I was pretty fit - I exercise regularly (OK, irregularly, geesh, who are you, my mother?) but this thing kicks my fanny!  I am not the most flexible person on the planet by any stretch (oops, pardon the pun!) and my Wii Fit trainer points that out to me on a consistent basis.  Here is how a session might sound if you listened through the keyhole:

Wii Fit Trainer Girl:  You're a little shaky...try to focus on you ab muscles.

Wheezer:  If I had any ab muscles, we wouldn't be here, would we?

Wii Fit Trainer Girl:  You may not be ready for this time start with something easier.

Wheezer:  This is level one, exercise there an easier one?  Sign me up!

Wii Fit Trainer Girl:  Try to focus on stretching your hip flexors...feel the stretch?

Wheezer:  What's a hip flexor?  Is that some kind of dance they do in South Beach?  Sign me up!

Wii Fit Trainer Girl:  Are you focusing on your ab muscles?  You seem a little shaky.

Wheezer:  That could be because I am mixing a cosmopolitan right you need ab muscles for that?

And then it's time to stop...

It says something about my skill set that the exercise I am best at is the called "Lotus Focus."  This is the one where you sit on the balance board in the lotus position and do nothing for three minutes.  I am great at that.  If there were an Olympic sport of Lotus Focus, I would be a gold medal contender!  

There are other fun exercises and I do feel like it is making a difference.  I have set a goal to be 10 lbs lighter and more toned by the time we go on our cruise in April.  I will keep you posted.  I just hope that Wii Fit Trainer girl doesn't go all Jillian on me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, the DRAMA!!!

The claws are out and it's not pretty!  Last night's episode was "the most dramatic ever!"  I tell you what...those girls are kooky!  And mean!  There was some serious back-stabbing last night and some of it worked and some of it backfired.  

The first date went to Stephanie and it was a day at the beach.  I am still not sure that Stephanie is not a Stepford Bachelorette.  She still seems too perfect and Pollyanna for me.  I do have to admit that her reaction to seeing her daughter and the tackle on the beach did bring tears to my eyes as well as Jason's.  It was a touching moment but all I could think about was that she was going to have to send her away again.  Listen, separating yourself from your child voluntarily takes a certain something that I am not sure I have.  I didn't feel any chemistry between them either but I was impressed with Jason's interaction with Stephanie's daughter.  It is pretty obvious that he is a great father.  She got a rose, but there was no kissing.  (BTW - how can I get one of those Lego roses?  That was cool!)

The second date was a group date where Jason and the "ladies" made plaster busts of, well, their busts.  The girls were troopers, maybe a little too eager.  I am not sure that I would strip down and let a man that I hadn't even kissed put plaster on my boobies.  Yikes!  It was for a great cause - Breast Cancer awareness - and they all turned out beautiful and unique.  Again, the most chemistry was between Jillian and Jason.  She is so at ease and cool and their talks always seem effortless.  She got the rose for the evening.  I am still undecided about Megan.  She is so mean and condescending to the other girls and then thinks that everyone is picking on her.  Nikki has put her crazy on and gets crazier every time she opens her mouth.  She told Jason that she is a bit of a neat freak.  I think she scared him when she was explaining how her toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash all have to be lined up just right.  She also gets the award for the most awkward kiss of the evening.  I thought they were going to knock each other out - she zigged, he zagged.  It was painful to watch.  

The last date was the "Pretty Woman" date.  Natalie, who is the most superficial of all the girls, was chosen for this date and it suited her to a T.  Jason flocked her with over a million dollars worth of diamonds and she was more excited about them than the Grand Canyon below.  "Look at the reflections of the diamonds in the helicopter window!"  He was taken by her beauty but not impressed with her brains.  She was pissed when he didn't give her the rose and sent her packing.  The reaction of the ladies at the house when the production assistant came and got her bags was distressing.  Get a hold of yourselves, ladies!  Do not squeal with delight at another woman's heartbreak.  No class!

The cocktail party was a mess from Shannon, the tooth Nazi, puking to Lauren throwing everyone under the bus.  Natalie had told Jason when she was leaving that there were girls there that were just mean.  She didn't name names but the mere mention had the girls scrambling for position.  Lauren was the only one who stepped up and named names and in the end, Jason kept Megan and sent home Erika and Kari.  I had completely forgotten about Kari, she was just a non-issue.  

I am still rooting for Jillian with Melissa a close second.  When are they going to bring back Deanna?  I need me some more drama!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Foto Friday

He had a dream...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mmmmm, Robin

The Bachelor - Episode 2

Bubba and I are hooked, but I think for different reasons.  He loves to gaze upon the many boobies that are hanging out in different directions from all the ladies dresses.  Secretly, I think he also likes the drama but he will never admit it out loud.  I watch because this Bachelor seems to be the real deal and throw in a private concert with Robin Thicke - yummy!  

Last night, Jason got a little loose lipped.  He was kissing everybody!  If Chris Harrison had asked he probably would have kissed him!  I was totally rooting for the kiss between Jason and Jillian - I think they have made the best connection so far and she is my favorite.  Bubba was all over the blimp and oysters thing between Jason and Melissa.  First of all, kudos to Melissa for being a trooper and eating that oyster...yuck!  Bubba, I love you  Giant gob of slimy snot sliding down my throat with Tabasco on, thanks!  Melissa and Jason shared a sweet kiss and she is definitely moving up on the list.  Molly wins the most creative award for getting him to kiss her by telling him it was her secret talent.  I was surprised that three girls didn't get a date with Jason.  I think that is a bit unfair and created one of the most uncomfortable moments on last night's show.  Raquel snuck into Jason's limo after his group date and demanded one on one time.  Jason is so sweet, but he better not play poker because you can read him like a book.  Needless to say, Raquel did not get a rose.  Lisa bowed out of the whole shebang gracefully, using the "My grandmother is sick" excuse that I have used many times to get out of unwanted dates.  So that left only two ladies who wouldn't receive a rose.  I was hoping the Jason would see Tooth Nazi, Stalker Extraordinaire Shannan for the wacko she is and let her go but sadly, the ABC producers got to him and convinced him to keep her around for another day.  You know, ratings and all that.  I also could live without Erica.  I think she has no class and is too immature for Sesame Street much less for step-motherhood.  Again, producers...In the end, the two that didn't receive a rose were Raquel and Sharon.  Sharon is really a non-issue.  She quit her job to go on this show and that is about all you know about her.  She is mousy and really not a standout.  He obviously felt that too and let her go.  Hope her boss will give her her job back!    

Now, just for the pure drool factor...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Five Gallons of Fun?

It has been a tragic week here at the Cheeze household.  Santa gave BoyBoy a fish tank for Christmas with a gift card to the local pet store to pick out his fish.  He was so excited to set up his tank and then waited patiently for the recommended 24 hours to go get the fish.  We went to the store and he was careful not to overspend.  He picked out 4 guppies, two blue and two orange (shocker!), a small African Dwarf frog, and a snail.  We brought them home, along with some foliage and a Roman ruin tank statue and set them free in their new environment.  Names were considered - Speedy for the snail because he covered some serious ground that first day, Bounce the frog, Cavalier for one of the blue guppies, Gator for the other, Wahoo for one of the orange fish and the last one remained No Name until we could find a suitable name.  BoyBoy was careful to feed them regularly (maybe too regularly according to the fish guy at the store) and, in all his computer expertise, decided to start a blog about his aquarium.  Five Gallons of Fun was born and he was all set to document the lives of his new pets.  Then, tragedy struck...

No Name started listing on his side and quickly went to the big fish pond in the sky.  He was followed quickly by Gator.  I ran an emergency trip to the pet store where it was determined that they had died of ick and we needed to treat the tank immediately to save the rest of the fish.  Antibiotics were started and fingers were crossed.  Wahoo and Cavalier seemed to rally and we thought we had diverted a disaster.  We were wrong.  Cavalier lost his will to live the next day and Wahoo hung in there for one more after that.  

A moment of silence for our beloved fish...

So, it is with much hope and a lot of prayer that we have started over.  We restarted the tank with only Bounce and Speedy and we will wait a week and have the tank tested before we introduce any fish.  I don't know if BoyBoy will continue his blog.  He was devastated to say the least and is hesitant about getting his hopes up.  Bubba and I kept telling him that it was okay to say "This SUCKS!"  We don't normally encourage this type of language however, we felt that this situation warranted it.  Four fish dying in three days...SUCKS!  BoyBoy kept saying, "No, its ok, I don't need to say that."  And then, on day three, when he woke up to Wahoo floating on his side, he yelled at the top of his lungs, "FISH SUCK!!!!"  

Wish us luck...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away...

Deb over at Postcards from the Edge is having a Sesame Street Sing Along and I foolishly agreed to play along.  You have to list 10 of your favorite things, but they have to start with a certain letter (assigned to you by the blog owner).  I got the letter "O".  (Thanks, a lot, Deb!)  If you want to play along, comment and let me know! 
 I'll assign you a letter.  I promise to be nicer to you than Q's or X's to be found!

Here I go, in no particular order:

Oreo Cakesters
What's not to love?

The smell, taste and state of mind that comes from being near the ocean

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile
Seriously, who doesn't love a weinermobile?

This should probably be # 1

Lil' Oster Mini Food Processor
The best for chopping all your mini foods

Lived there for 6 years and loved all the travel and history

Orange and Blue
Go, Wahoos!  Go, Gators!  I am surprised that BoyBoy doesn't bleed these colors

I love Christmas and everything about it...can't have enough ornaments!

Oak Trees
The live oak trees in Virginia are some of the most beautiful (ok, might be stretching a bit here)
Lived here for two years and would go back to live in a second

Friday, January 9, 2009

Foto Friday

Does anyone see a dog?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS, Blah, Blah, Blah

This is for you, Georgie!


Wheezer needs...

Fun little game...type in your name and needs into google and list the funniest 10 hits. Some of these need no explanation and some are just plain funny.

Wheezer needs help - ya think?

Wheezer needs asthma medicine - how did they know that?

Wheezer needs a job - what?!? blogging in my pajamas isn't a job?

Wheezer needs a haircut - again, how did they know that?

Wheezer needs your input - ok, now this is getting creepy...

Wheezer needs viewers - really, I need followers, but I would settle for viewers

Wheezer needs advice for an upset tummy - not today, but I can always use it later

Wheezer needs your support - like an underwire bra...

Wheezer needs riders - ummm...

Wheezer needs continual evaluation - well, that just sums it up right there, doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


4o-ahem years ago on this day, my future husband was born. He was cute, no?

He spent his formative years following his Green Beret father around with his brothers and sisters to all the corners of this great earth, wreaking havoc wherever he went.

He survived tours in Germany, Ft. Knox, Hawaii, Military School, and one ill-advised marriage before he started on the path that led him to me.

He gained his sense of humor from the hours he tormented his unwilling brothers, his kindness from his mother, his compassion from his life experiences, his steadfastness and patriotism from his father, and his patience from being the middle child of 5.

He is my rock. He is my happiness. He is my soulmate.

Happy Birthday, Bubba, I love you