Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Hammer

There is a commercial here for a local personal injury lawyer.  You know the type...angry for you that you have been wronged, angry at the person/place/thing that wronged you, angry that they have money that they should give to you for having wronged you, angry that his boxers are riding up his behind...overall, just an angry guy.  He yells from the beginning of the commercial to the end, telling you how you should be angry, too.  You should call him so that you can commiserate with him over both of your anger.  He can take away your anger.  He will make it his personal crusade to take your anger out on everyone who ever crossed your path.  You have been wronged!!!  You must be righted!!!  He can help!!!  

What I want to know is:  are there really people that call him?  1-800-You-Hurt?  Now, this is coming from a former legal assistant for a personal injury lawyer, so, I know that there are truly folks out there that have been wronged, either by the negligence of someone else or by a corporate giant who doesn't care about the little people.  However, all of the clients of the firm that I worked for were truly, truly wronged, in this case, by a large corporation.  Their negligence led to the painful cancer deaths of many, many skilled laborers and the equally painful illnesses of countless others.  These people (and their surviving families) deserved to be compensated.  They did their job and they got sick.  

My problem is with those ambulance chasers, those unscrupulous bloodsuckers who prey on people in their hour of need.  America is a litigious society and it has created an angry atmosphere everywhere.  Those lawyers who prey on the less informed and create lawsuits where there really isn't one are the root of evil.  If we lived and learned to take responsibility for our actions and not expect to have our mistakes paid for by someone else, we would be a much happier society.  Those lawyers should be outlawed.  I know they are just trying to make a living, but if you are so desperate to make a buck, go work at McDonald's and quit making those obnoxious commercials.  

OK, off my soapbox...thanks for letting me vent.


marathoner81 said...

I like it when you're on your soap box. I agree too. We have those same commericals where I live and I always wonder if all the advertising they do really pays off. Guess it only takes winning one or two major cases a year to keep them in business.

Under the Influence said...

Agreed 100%!

Is this lawyer the same guy as the Sham-Wow guy? He yells a lot, too, trying to get me to buy his products!

The Mrs. said...

oh these commercials make me feel dirty. When I was on bedrest with dash-1 I was disgusted (allright perhaps mildly amused) by the wacky commercials I would see during the middle of the day. I always wonder who is calling these folks....