Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend was the Cheeze family's annual Pumpkin Carving extravaganza. You see, we love Halloween here at the Cheeze household. And by love, I mean build a coffin, plant a cemetery in your side yard, carve more than two pumpkins each, scare the neighbors kind of love. Bubba is always coming up with new ideas to turn our otherwise tasteful front yard into a den of spooks and goblins. This year it was the coffin. He got almost giddy when he came up with the idea and then maniacal laughter ensued when his creation was finished. BoyBoy has his very own fog machine - and not one of those wimpy ones you can get at the Target - an industrial, movie quality, timer activated, special juice fog machine. Add to all of that a green light bulb in the outdoor spots and folks, you have yourselves a good ole-fashioned fright fest.

Pumpkin Carving extravaganzas are our yearly excuse to pimp our house and (force)(trick) invite the neighbors over for a little carving fun.

Guts were coming out everywhere...

and creative pumpkins were emerging.

Some were spooky:

Others were kooky:

The hit of the evening was the uber-creepy graveyard after dark...

Happy Halloween!!


ali said...

Love the pumpkin eating a pumpkin!

georgie said...

Great pix! we carved pumpkins yesterday...I know it is a lil late for this BUT did ya know IF you cut your hole in the bottom of your pumkin it is easier to put your candle/tea lite in there and not burn yourself....or maybe i am the only one burns herself while lightin the pumpkin...LOL

I just drill holes all over my pumpkin-the beans do faces BUT they sure dont look near as good as yours

The Mrs. said...

wow you guys go allll out now dont ya?

enjoy halloween!!

Lynda said...

Now, that's how to do Halloween!

Nessa said...

Great punkins!!!

Just stopping by from SSS to visit,