Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have a friend who is a college football assistant coach.  We call him "Coach" ( I know - original - we're not big thinkers here)  We have tried to be loyal supporters throughout his career - even when that meant from as far away as Germany.  Now that we are back in the good ole USA, we live about an hour from where Coach coaches.  A few years ago he was hired as part of the defensive coaching team for University of Richmond - GOOOO, SPIDERRRRSSSSS!!! (that's for you, Uncle C)  

Well, Friday night, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Richmond Spiders beat the Montana Grizzlies to become the NCAA Division IAA National Champions!  While we were unable to go to the game, we had a Spider party and watched the game and cheered on our Coach.  It was a great game and an epic win - National Champions - how cool is that?  We had all decided that *knock wood* if they won, we would drive to Richmond to meet the plane and congratulate the team and surprise our favorite Coach.  My niece, P even made signs that said "We love Coach" and "Go, Spiders!"  We all piled into two cars and headed out only to be texted by Coach's wife that the plane had landed an hour early...oh well, we would just go straight to the sports center at the university and meet the buses.  

Coach was so surprised and proud to see us, he was speechless!  He showed the kids around the field house and all the cool nooks and crannies like the players lounge and the Hall of Fame.  Then we took him out for wings and beer.  It was great to see him.  He was still totally in surprise mode that he was one of the coaches of a National Championship team.  He was also totally amazed at his friends who have supported and encouraged him through all the years that he has been coaching.  What he doesn't realize is that we all love just a good reason to tailgate.  

Love you, Coach!

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georgie said...

awwww thats so awesome!!! and HOW cool to hang with a College Championship coach!!!