Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, BoyBoy's school is closed tomorrow for swine flu.  Okay, I get it.  They are closing so that they can give the school a good old fashioned deep clean in the hopes of kicking the swine flu's butt.  Only problem is...Friday's are always MY day.  Why didn't they ask me?  I have a few things I wanted to do on Friday.  I am busy!  I need my toes done, I am getting a massage to try and remove my shoulders from my ears, and I have a mentoring session with a local photographer.  How am I supposed to do that with a BoyBoy hanging around?  Don't get me wrong, I love me some BoyBoy time, snuggling on the sofa, watching movies together, etc, but I adore ME time almost as much.  I have been looking forward to this mentoring session for a while and was hoping to gain insight into how to market my new business and find some ways to grow my little seedling.  This photographer has graciously offered to sit down with me and answer my questions, hand out advise, and basically just nosh about the local photography business.  She is a great photographer and I love her work and I know she will be a wealth of information for me.  Why didn't the school consult with me first?  Plus, I really need my toes done...

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