Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Geek Alert!!!

BoyBoy is in summer camp this week. Not just any summer camp - not my BoyBoy. Not football camp, soccer camp, swim camp or even Cub Scout camp. No, BoyBoy is attending Internal Drive Tech camp. That's right...Tech camp. But not just your ordinary computer camp, this camp is amazing! His course of study is Web Design and Flash Animation. He is learning how to create a website with original flash animation drawings and other details that I am not smart enough to understand. He is in computer geek heaven! Now, some might think that we are doing a disservice to BoyBoy by sending him to a summer camp that requires him to sit in front of a computer all day and not enjoy this wonderful, hot, humid insect-infected weather that we have been having, but this is not your ordinary computer camp. They go outside every day to play non-computer games - capture the flag, kickball, soccer, etc. They take walks to the historical part of town (the camp is at the College of William & Mary in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg) and they all are starring in the Video Editing campers' movie production. There will be a gaming tournament with the high scorer from each campsite across the nation competing for all the marbles. At the end of the week there is a showcase of all the campers projects for the parents to see. It has been great! He is floating on Cloud 9.0! Already he has asked to go again next year and next time he wants to sleep-away! I totally see his future summer job as a counsellor for one of these camps. He is, sorry I have to say it, a happy camper!

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