Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it time yet?

DISCLAIMER: Mom and Dad, I love you and words could never express how grateful Bubba and I are that you open your home to us every time we move. You do so unselfishly and without hesitation and we can rest easy knowing that we always have a place to lay our heads when the military makes us homeless for a time. This post has nothing to do with is all me.


Whew, I feel better. I have reached the wall - you know the one; about a month after you move and your stuff is still a few weeks away, you are living in a hotel, with relatives, or in a TLA, you only have one car and your spouse has already gone back to work. I have no boxes to unpack, no curtains to hang, and nothing to do. BoyBoy is done with camp and we have a week until swim lessons start. I feel so discombobulated that I am ready to scream!

I can't find anything because we are living in one room in my parents house. If I set something down to put away later (I know, I know - just put it away, buttttt...), when I go back to find it, it has moved. In my house, I am the one who does the moving. I know where I move it to. I am not used to someone cleaning up after me.

I want to help my mom with the chores but she won't take my help. I know how I feel when she visits my house - I don't want her to lift a finger. And, she likes to do things for us. We had to come to a meeting of the minds because we felt a bit like freeloaders and Bubba hates that. She has agreed to let us do stuff around the house but she still needs prodding.

We also have to share space with two people who are used to their own space. They had a routine before we got here and we disrupted it. We try to be as undisruptive as possible but when you bring 2 adults, a child, and a psycho, squirrel crazed dog disruption happens. My dad likes his remote, my mom likes her solitaire. We had to be schooled in who's barcalounger was who's and which toilet is the most flush-challenged. Which towels are the "good" towels and which ones are we supposed to use.

I miss my stuff. I have unpacked it in my head at the new house twelve hundred times and it hasn't even arrived in country yet. I need mental stimulation beyond "Guiding Light" and "The Bachelorette". I need to get off my duff and begin our new life in this town and start finding my place. I need to move in...

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Jessica said...

I think almost all military spouses can totally relate to what you are feeling! That is the worst! I hope things will speed up for you and that you will be in your own home soon! Keep your chin up and remind yourself...It is only temporary! It will all be over soon! HUGS!