Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's getting good!!!

May I just say how much fun it is to watch The Bachelor with my husband?  He is just as excited and invested in it as I am.  On commercial breaks, while I am folding laundry and he is taking a bathroom break, he yells from the bathroom his synopsis of the last segment.  "Do you believe Melissa cleaned up the toys and leftover pizza in her dress?"  "Did you notice that he didn't kiss Stephanie during their one-on-one time?"  "Do you think Naomi looks like (our friend) Jolie?"  "Is that really his house or the house from Sleepless in Seattle?"  He cracks me up!  

Anyhoo, this week it was time to go to Seattle.  I am always amazed at Jason's sensitivity and how emotional he was to see his son.  Needed a tissue!  The ladies were put up in the Presidential suite of the Fairmont Olympic hotel.  Not bad digs.  Melissa immediately got the one-on-one date with Jason and was told to prepare for a romantic evening.  Of course, Jason was shown getting ready and talking to Ty and basically Ty wasn't havin' it.  He did NOT want his Daddy to leave again!  I loved how Jason called him "Mr. Grumpy Pants" since that has been BoyBoy's nickname on many an occasion.  Well, Daddy of the Year, Jason decides to stay at home and calls Melissa and asks her if she is okay with just coming over and hanging out.  Of course she says yes and then asks if she can change into her stretchy pants.  See, that is why I will never be on The Bachelor (aside from the fact that I am already married).  I live in stretchy pants!  Stretchy pants are the bomb!  If I had to ask permission to change into my stretchy pants, I might go postal on the Bachelor - how's that for a Bachelor first?  So, they hang out and talk and kiss and basically have a better date than if they had done all the over the top romantic stuff that ABC had dreamed up for them.  Score one for Melissa!

The group date was Stepford Stephanie, Walk of Shame Molly, and My Favorite Jillian.  They went on a boat ride - and did anyone else want to scream watching Stephanie steer the boat?  She is a robot!  It became pretty obvious during this segment that there is no chemistry between them and basically he was just keeping her around to try and make it happen.  After the boat ride, they were off to the local radio station for a humorous interview.  First the ladies were secluded in the next room so that they couldn't hear what Jason was saying.  Too funny moment - Molly saying "I think I can read his lips...He is saying 'I love you, Molly, I want to marry you!"  Hahaha - wishful thinking, chicka!  Then there was the idiotic kissing test where they blindfolded Jason and each girl kissed him and he had to guess who each one was.  Nothing better than listening to people kiss on the radio!  Sounds similar to a cow pulling its foot out of the mud!  Of course, he got each one right and it was on to dinner.  One-on-one time with Jillian was a bit tense.  Jason sensed that she had changed since she got to Seattle and he wanted to know why.  She said that she had come on the show for laughs and adventure and had no intention of falling for him and that is what was happening to her.  She realized when she got to Seattle that she was no longer in it for the adventure but was in it for love....all together now...AWWWWW~  His one-on-one time with Molly was predictable with her saying how ready she is to get married and start a family and that she is the most fun of everyone in the world and with him kissing her and rubbing her arms.  I'm not sure whether there is anything other than physical attraction there...she is a bit shallow.  Bubba seems to think she has some terrible, dark secret that will come to light next week during the hometown dates.

His last date was with Naomi.  She has bugged me from day one.  Maybe it is the way she said she was "a-scared" of falling in love or maybe it is the singsongy voice she uses during those romantic moments.  She is a bit immature - quit pouting already!  I think he realizes that but kept her because of how unfair it would have been to keep Stephanie any longer.  His speech to Stephanie was heart wrenching.  She is obviously such a classy lady and I have no doubt she will be fine.  She handled his rejection with grace and charm and showed the world how to behave in that situation.  However, didn't make for very compelling TV...screaming, crying, cussing, beyotches are much better for ratings.

Just a few questions...When are they bringing DeAnna back?  I thought they were going to bring her back early and now I think it will just be cruel.  What secret is Molly hiding?  And will Naomi's mother sacrifice a pigeon for Jason?  Tune in next week!  

I can't wait!


wifeunit said...

I love reading your weekly synopsis. I never was into the show, but I truly love feeling so well informed! :D

I love how your husband got sucked in!

Under the Influence said...

My husband rolls his eyes when I watch, but my 11 yr. old always wants to know who got sent home, even though I won't allow him to watch the show with me.

I can't stand Naomi. I forgot how much she bugs me. I like Stephanie, but I agree they are not a good fit. She is so "polished".

I guess I am cheering for Jillian now. Molly reminds me of a neighbor who I don't like.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

That pigeon thing WTF, Jason looked dumbfounded like WTH am I doing here! NEXT!

I think final 2 is Melissa & DeAnna!

♥georgie♥ said...

so Deanna didnt come back last nite??? i missed the first 45mins...I LOVE your recaps and I wish not sawyer would watch with me how sweet your hubby does that!

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Ha ha ha!!!

We need Deanna! We need Deanna!

jill jill bo bill said...

I missed it, but then again, no I didn't after reading this. Fabulous!!! Thanks!!

Mama Kat said...

I forgot about the stretchy pants...and the fact that they turned out to be a pair of VERY short hot shorts...that's not what MY stretchy pants look like!

I love that your husband has embraced the show. Come on guys stop being all "masculine" and admit the show is funny. Was that a back handed compliment for your hubby?? My husband pretends he doesn't like it, but he knows the names of all the girls. Such a dork.