Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Time for Bachelor recap, week 7 - the romantical overnight dates.

I'm jumping right in with no intro - the drama speaks for itself...

First was Jillian's helicopter date with she and Jason wearing matching Paul Bunyan plaid flannel shirts.  Can I just tell you how much I hate the word "connection"?  What does that mean?  According to Random House, the #18 definition for connection is "sexual intercourse" after #12 - "drug dealer," #8 - "the meeting of trains, planes, or ships," and #3 - "a connecting shape."  What other word could we use? 

Anyhoo, they had a pretty romantical dinner and Jillian did most of the talking while Jason stared into her eyes with his best "give it to me" look.  She was pretty bold when she asked him for the fantasy suite invitation and then proceeded to ask Jason (via the camera) "Can you handle a whole night with me?  Can you handle all this fire?"  Up until that point it was pretty apparent that Jason thinks of Jillian as more of a friend than actual Mrs. Mesnik material.  However, he did pounce on the opportunity to have some serious hot, sticky, steamy, groping in the hot tub.  Yowza!  (Fanning myself)  Who else thought that was one of the steamiest scenes in Bachelor history?  Show of hands?

On to Molly's date.  Jason takes her Bungee jumping because nothing says I love you like jumping off a bridge.   However, the joke was on him because he screamed like a girl through the whole thing and she was game to go again!  I thought she scored points with her list of questions...some were superficial but can I just tell you that peanut butter chocolate ice cream is my total favorite, too!  Jason, call me!  We can be best friends!  I was rather disturbed that he would chose to save his old school Air 
Jordans in a fire over, say, HIS SON, TY!?!?!  Great job, Daddy!  I thought their dinner conversation was a bit strained and he seemed to be trying to drag information out of her and she was not playing.  Then another first, she presented him with an invitation to spend the night!  Translation:  She's a ho...Case in point: when they walked into the fantasy suite, she went straight to the bed and sat down and they immediately started making out.  The bubble bath was an afterthought.   Still not sure whether he is falling for her or just enjoying the action. 

Last date was with Melissa.  I have to say again that every time they see each other it is obvious he is head over heels in love with her.  He swings her around and you can hear it in his voice how genuinely happy he is to see her.  Their date began awkwardly and you could tell that they both were thinking about her parents not meeting Jason.  I still think that ABC has something up it's sleeve (more on this later*).  She is adorable and I love the funny thing she does with her mouth when she is thinking about something bad or worried.  It was obvious to me that he wanted so much to tell her what he is really thinking instead of the canned answers ABC allows him to use.  Sweetest moment of the night:  Melissa was struggling with the words to tell him she loved him and he totally stopped her mid-sentence with a kiss as if to say, "I know exactly what you are saying and with this kiss I am saying it, too."  Swoon!!  She is the only one of the three that came right out and told him she loved him and I think that is cool.  She definitely scored points with me, as if that matters to anyone.  

On to the deliberation...Jason is obviously either a really great actor or really having feelings for all these women (I like to think the latter) because he gets so emotional during his deliberations.  The videos were a nice touch but I think Jillian sealed her fate when she told him if he 
chooses her he will have a life "full of big families, big hearts, giving back, lots of laughs, and plenty of home cooked meals."  Wha??  That is exactly what I am going to say to someone to show why he should chose me.  Was she high?  Where is the love, passion, and chocolate syrup?  Thanks for playing, now go home.  Molly made Jason wince (or was that roll his eyes) when she said she was "totally" in love with him.  I couldn't tell.  Melissa, again, short, sweet and to the point "I miss you and I love you"  Can you say "Winner"?  

So, in the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER, Jason gives a rose to Melissa and Molly.  Saying goodbye to Jillian was painful, she was totally lobbying to get back on the show...what was all that 
aboot her dream?!?  He was as nice as he could be but in the end all he saw with her was friendship.  

Bubba wasted no time pointing out that he had chosen Melissa from the moment she first stepped out of the limo and now my choice (Jillian) was gone.  I totally can't wait for the "Women Tell All" episode next week and Chris Harrison totally teased us with the "After the Final Rose" preview.  *Apparently, something happens that is so special and dramatic that they filmed it without a studio audience in a totally private setting.  My vote is that Melissa's parents show up and Jason asks for her hand.  I'm just sayin'.

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with this show?

Memorable quotes from last night:

Jason (about Jillian):  "She is someone I could be friends with forever."
Jillian (to Jason):  "Can you handle all this fire?"
Molly:  "We've got the goofy, silly, sarcastic stuff down."
Jason (about Molly):  "I still felt like she was distant.)
Jason:  "Falling in love with Melissa has nothing to do with her parents."
Jason:  "I can't get enough of Melissa"
Jason (about Melissa):  "Any doubts I had about her are gone."?

Does anyone else see a pattern?

OK, the dust bunnies have formed a union and I think they are planning a hostile takeover.  'Til next week and "The Women Tell All!"


Under the Influence said...

I wish he had left Molly hanging at the end of the bungee rope! I'm surprised she did that without her "parents approval" since she can't seem to pick a mate without their ok. I.CAN'T.STAND.HER.

Go Melissa!

amelia bedelia said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad Im not the only completly overly obscessed fan! I am with ya on the being in love with melissa. Can't wait for next week either!!!

jill jill bo bill said...

Did you notice at the end he was talking only to Melissa and Molly got a glance at the end of his statement? I also think Deanna kicks him in the balls and that's why he is seen bent over and crying in the clip for next week. Just sayin'.....

The Mom Jen said...

GREAT point about Melissa and her family for the most dramatic after the rose ceremony ever!!! I hope that's true, i'm not a molly fan!

Soxy Deb said...

Swiffer those suckers back into submission. Show 'em who's boss girl. OUT! OUT! You dirty dust bunnies!!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I think it has something to do with Melissa parents too. It has to be Melissa in the end, that sparkle in his eyes is to shiny to deny! He is in LURVE with her.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG! Totally loved this post! I'm Jason's number one stalker fan fo sho. I was pulling for Melissa in the beginning but then I started liking Molly a little better. Either one would work for me but I think he's chosing Melissa!

Thanks for the highlights! Those were awesome!

Anniebanannie said...

YOU are GOOD! This was perfect.
Molly looked like damnit at the ceremony and what's the deal with her high ponytail, 80's style?

We had to rewind what Chris said at the end a few times to hue in on what we thought he was talking about. So you think they filmed it with no audience? He definitely left us hanging BIG TIME.

Oh...right there with ya on the Jason and Jill hot tub scene! WHEW! She had her legs wrapped around him so tight I thought we were in for some porn there for a minute!

Loved reading this. Sorry i ended up writing so much!