Monday, June 15, 2009

King George

Friday night, Bubba and I went to see George Straight in concert. It was totally awesome and George didn't disappoint! I have to admit that I am a converted country music fan. Didn't really like it until I met Bubba and he turned me on to George Straight. George is the real deal. He is so cool without trying. He is "the fireman," after all. The concert was held in the local outdoor amphitheatre which gives it a more intimate feeling. We got great tickets by accident and we were dead center about 10 rows up. We bought the most expensive beers ever and then took our picture waiting for the show to start.

George's opening acts were Julianne Hough (from Dancing with the Stars - when she came on stage Bubba started drooling and said "schwing!!!") and Blake Shelton. I had never heard Julianne sing so my expectations were non-existent. She was so cute and a little pocket princess. I enjoyed listening to her (although she should probably stick with the dancing...) and watching Bubba googoo over her. My favorite song that she sang was "My Hallelujah Song." Blake was great as well. He is kind of a character and about 7 feet tall. Loved his song called "Some Beach." I think it will be my new happy place song.

And then there was George... What can I say? He was amazing, awesome, funny, adorable, sexy, and one of a kind. He sang most of his greatest hits as well as a couple of new ones. He even sang "Folsom Prison" as one of his encores.

One from the Jumbotron...he is an old troubadour!

George, you rock! I can't wait for you to come back!


Soxy Deb said...

Well you already know how I feel about George, but add Blake to that mix and OMG!!! - I'd have thought I died and went to heaven. You didn't tell me he was there too - I would have made the drive. ;)

Julianne I can do without though. She's, eh.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

looks likr you guys had a good time!

(army)Wife said...

It sounds like you guys had an awesome time! And seats that close rock!

Ali said...

I'm so jealous! I went to one of his shows once and loved every second of it! Some of these young up and comers need to take a lesson from George--he IS country music!