Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things I miss about Germany

1.  My friends - Fearsome Foursome where are we now?  Florida, Germany, Belgium and Virginia makes having girls' night out a bigger challenge.

2.  The speed limit (or lack thereof) - I am so not used to watching my speed on the highway that I know that it is just nanoseconds before I will see those flashing blue lights in my rear view.

3.  H&M - Loves, loves, loves that store and the closest thing is Old Navy which is great but not as fashion forward as H&M.  The closest one is 3 hours away...boohoo.

4.  Anonymity - I am running into old high school friends here!  Yikes!  There is a reason I haven't been back for a reunion in, like...EVER!  

5.  The weather - OK, I complained about it in  previous posts but when faced with Tropical Storm Hanna, massive humidity, and thunderstorms with regularity and add to that the incessant mosquito's that have infested my backyard, I'll take the cooler summers of my beloved Deutschland.

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