Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Torn Between Two Loves

I am torn.  I have a very serious addiction that takes up most evenings in the Wheez household.  I have been looking forward to this new television realty season with heightened anticipation.  And, now I am torn.  

Why, you ask?  (or maybe you don't care but I am going to tell you anyway)  I have variety!  OMG, the variety!  385 channels!  One even devoted entirely to reality TV!  In Germany, we had 5 American channels and the reality TV was nicely spaced so that I had no conflicts.  I could watch Biggest Loser on Monday, American Idol on Tuesday and Wednesday, Amazing Race on Thursday and Survivor on Friday.  My addictive life was fulfilled.  Now, I can watch reality TV 24/7!  Doesn't the cable company know that I have a family to feed and carpets to vacuum?  I might OD!

But, still I am torn...with all that variety comes another potential addiction.  Bubblegum, brainless, angst-ridden, over-the-top, silly addiction.  I am talking about 90210 and Greek.  Do you watch these shows?  I am able to relive all the terror of high school and total drunken oblivion of college in two hours on Tuesday nights.  Bubba is also on the path to addiction.  He won't admit it to any other testosterone filled adult but he is just as excited when Tuesday night rolls around.  He loves the keg parties and fast cars, I love the sorority bitchiness and dating drama.  

But what am I to do?  Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser -Families are both on during the same time slot.  The Wheeze household has not stepped entirely into the 21st century as we do not have DVR or TiVo nor do we have a VCR that is hooked up correctly.  What's a girl with an addiction to do?


Linda said...

I have the same problem (with the VCR and the DVR, lol)...we need to get with the program, don't we? Luckily, I'm not a total reality TV addict...but I do have some conflicting shows at times. It's a good thing they have repeats and show them back to back a lot of times. I am SO loving Biggest Loser right now!

The Mrs. said...

My husband laughs (actually I think he's laughing in disgust) when I lament about this same issue (different shows though, I never really got the whole 90210 fever). Scheduling conflict with reality tv is so much harder b/c there are no reruns. I keep thinking I should get a dvr but eh, then I'd probably never see the outdoors!

ali said...

I can't wait for Lost and The Office to start! Fortunately, you can watch them free on and abc. com. I can operate a computer better than a VCR!

jill jill bo bill said...

Just watch the BLF. ET does the highlights on DWtS nightly. TY so much for the BD wishes! BTW- You totally make me LMAO. LYLAS