Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fashion Trends to Love and Hate

Can I just tell you that I love the new trend of empire waist tops.  For example...

They are great on so many levels.  First of all, no sucking in the gut.  Let it all hang out, girlie, no one can see past your cute, flowing top.  Second of all, as my sister would call it, "butt-ma-flage".  Got a little extra junk in your trunk?  These tops have just the right amount of material to cover it up.  Thirdly, and don't think I am bragging here, but they are flattering to the well endowed.  I have XXL boobies.  Really, don't hate me because I have them.  They are both a blessing and a curse.  But these tops really flatter my girls.  This might be the best fashion trend ever!

Now, on the flip side...what is up with those ankle booties?

Who do these look good on?  I say this with much trepidation, because I usually love all shoes, however, these take the cake for unloveablilty.  If you have thick ankles, fageddaboutit.  Large calves?  Mooo!!  Skinny legs?  You will look like you have matchsticks for feet.  They just don't flatter anyone.  Even the beautiful models on the catwalk look like they are little girls playing dress up in their mommies booties.

So, today's lesson is...don't be a slave to all fashion trends...just the ones that make your butt look good!


jill jill bo bill said...

From a cankle fat calf chick I would agree!!!! And, like you LOOOOVE the new empire waist threads. Even find myself going to the maternity dept...What? I am alone on this?

amelia bedelia said...

I cannot wear those tops, I look pregnant when I do. In fact, i was asked when I wore it! yea, real confidence booster.

Lynda said...

The empire tops are fab!

Ann said...

I'm following you from Beautiful! Fabulous!
I completely agree with you about those booties. I just don't get it. And have you seen the open toe ankle boots?! What's up with that? Are you a boot for winter? Or a summer sandal? They need to make up their little bootie minds.