Monday, November 10, 2008


My nephew's birthday was this past weekend and I couldn't let it pass without blogging about it.  You see, his birthday is a marker for my wedding anniversary.  When I was engaged and planning my wedding long distance (since I had already followed Bubba once), my sister was doing most of the leg work for my wedding.  Trying on bridesmaids dresses, interviewing bands, etc.  She had just been married 3 years before me and still had a lot of her contacts and she is really good at that kind of stuff.  She and my mom were doing a great job considering that my engagement was only going to be six months long and I was going  to be in another state until about 6 weeks before the wedding (and then come down with a raging case of mono and be out of commission for a month during that time).  However, I thought she came really close to crossing the line from being helpful to taking over my wedding when she called me one afternoon and said:

S:  Hey, I was thinking that you might want someone else in the wedding party.

Wheez:  (skeptically, since I had a small wedding party and she had had, like, a parade)  Like who?

S:  Well, (and this is where I felt two feet tall) I was thinking about your new niece or nephew!

And this is how she told me she was pregnant.  

Fast forward thirteen years (OMG - THIRTEEN!!!) and now my nephew is a teenager.  He is the coolest, sweetest, funniest, goofiest teenager I know.  He is kind and thoughtful, smart and funny, cool and awesome.  He loves collecting things, the beach, his family, and monster trucks.  I can't believe he is so grown up.  

So, M (or Steve, to those of us in the know) Happy Birthday!  Welcome to your teenage years.  You will love and hate them, learn from them and in spite of them, and hopefully come out of them still the same sweet, kind, thoughtfull, funny, goofy, cool person you are now. 

 I love you, dude!


jill jill bo bill said...

He is so good-lookin'. Or as my girl would say, "FINE"! Happy Birthday, whatever the heck your name is!!!! I know as Wheezer's nephew, you will have a great role model!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great write-up and great memories...

Anonymous said...

I think he is pretty awesome too--

M/Charles' Mom