Monday, November 3, 2008

My Idol

I have an idol.  She is not as famous now as she was 20 years ago but I was impressionable 20 years ago and so she became my idol.  She overcame many obstacles, controversies and hurdles to become the influential figure she is today.  She came from humble beginnings and never forgot her roots.  However, these are not the reasons that I love her.  She and I share a common love.  Shoes.  You see, my dear blog readers, my idol is Imelda Marcos. 

When her husband, the dictator of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, was ousted from power, it was discovered that Ms. Marcos owned over 1000 pairs of shoes.  She never met a pair she didn’t like.  She had a motto that she lived by – “If the shoe fits, I buy it!”  She and her shoe collection bounced back from the scandal that besieged her husband to run for the presidency of the Philippines.  While she didn’t win either time she ran, her feet always looked good.  She was not ashamed of her collection of shoes.  And she knew what all women know…shoes always fit.

No matter how much weight you gain in your hips or lose in your boobs, your shoes will always fit.  Yes, we women have a love/hate relationship with our shoes – the prettiest ones usually are the most torturous.  But they can lift our mood, put a spring in our step, and keep us grounded.  I am not a shoe snob…a cute pair of flats makes me as happy as a pair of 4 inch stilettos.  Tennies – love ‘em.  Boots – be still my heart.  I, like my idol, have never met a pair I didn’t love. 

Now, if I could just convince Bubba that I there is no such thing as too many pairs!


jill jill bo bill said...

I am so much like you!!! When I moved in high school, I moved all my shoes in a refridgerator box. To the top. It's a disease that i hope they never cure!!!!

ali said...

Wow a thousand pairs! They would go out of style before she would have a chance to wear them!

The Mrs. said...

You know there all in a museum now. I would kill to go there!

I hear ya on the shoe thing, no one ever said do these shoes make me look fat. I mean I guess if you have cankles but you know what I'm saying. I'm less of a shoe horse now, money is needed else where but I have a love affair for flip flops. mmmmmmmmmmm