Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, the DRAMA!!!

The claws are out and it's not pretty!  Last night's episode was "the most dramatic ever!"  I tell you what...those girls are kooky!  And mean!  There was some serious back-stabbing last night and some of it worked and some of it backfired.  

The first date went to Stephanie and it was a day at the beach.  I am still not sure that Stephanie is not a Stepford Bachelorette.  She still seems too perfect and Pollyanna for me.  I do have to admit that her reaction to seeing her daughter and the tackle on the beach did bring tears to my eyes as well as Jason's.  It was a touching moment but all I could think about was that she was going to have to send her away again.  Listen, separating yourself from your child voluntarily takes a certain something that I am not sure I have.  I didn't feel any chemistry between them either but I was impressed with Jason's interaction with Stephanie's daughter.  It is pretty obvious that he is a great father.  She got a rose, but there was no kissing.  (BTW - how can I get one of those Lego roses?  That was cool!)

The second date was a group date where Jason and the "ladies" made plaster busts of, well, their busts.  The girls were troopers, maybe a little too eager.  I am not sure that I would strip down and let a man that I hadn't even kissed put plaster on my boobies.  Yikes!  It was for a great cause - Breast Cancer awareness - and they all turned out beautiful and unique.  Again, the most chemistry was between Jillian and Jason.  She is so at ease and cool and their talks always seem effortless.  She got the rose for the evening.  I am still undecided about Megan.  She is so mean and condescending to the other girls and then thinks that everyone is picking on her.  Nikki has put her crazy on and gets crazier every time she opens her mouth.  She told Jason that she is a bit of a neat freak.  I think she scared him when she was explaining how her toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash all have to be lined up just right.  She also gets the award for the most awkward kiss of the evening.  I thought they were going to knock each other out - she zigged, he zagged.  It was painful to watch.  

The last date was the "Pretty Woman" date.  Natalie, who is the most superficial of all the girls, was chosen for this date and it suited her to a T.  Jason flocked her with over a million dollars worth of diamonds and she was more excited about them than the Grand Canyon below.  "Look at the reflections of the diamonds in the helicopter window!"  He was taken by her beauty but not impressed with her brains.  She was pissed when he didn't give her the rose and sent her packing.  The reaction of the ladies at the house when the production assistant came and got her bags was distressing.  Get a hold of yourselves, ladies!  Do not squeal with delight at another woman's heartbreak.  No class!

The cocktail party was a mess from Shannon, the tooth Nazi, puking to Lauren throwing everyone under the bus.  Natalie had told Jason when she was leaving that there were girls there that were just mean.  She didn't name names but the mere mention had the girls scrambling for position.  Lauren was the only one who stepped up and named names and in the end, Jason kept Megan and sent home Erika and Kari.  I had completely forgotten about Kari, she was just a non-issue.  

I am still rooting for Jillian with Melissa a close second.  When are they going to bring back Deanna?  I need me some more drama!!!


jill jill bo bill said...

Jillian is my fav too. Plus who can go wrong with the coolest name on earth? heh heh

♥georgie♥ said...

Jillian is so my fav...all I can say is I was LMAO@last nites epi!!!
I am sooooo with you on Stephanie...I think it is her high eyebrows thats makes me not picture her with Jason...she looks like the cat woman on crack...I'm just sayin....

Do you watch Lost? if so will you be having wonderful recaps for me???? LOL


♥georgie♥ said...

geesh i forgot to mention you will be my peepin tom peep off girlie this week prolly on thursday post....does that work for you? LOL
let me know

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Stephanie...Stepford Bachelorette cracked me up. I get that impression too. It has to be her eyebrows or something.

Natalie getting deep with Jason and saying she likes bears, all bears was the best part of that show.

I am rooting for the two you are as well.

Me said...

I clicked over from Georgies place- Decisionally Challenged!

I just couldn't resist a blogger that is a Bachelor fan. I am sooo addicted, but haven't found any other bloggers as interested as me. This could be fate!

(Me) An Eagles View

Under the Influence said...

Hey, I am visiting from Georgie's place. By the way, she promised liquor and cheetos.

I like Stephanie the best. She is very "polished" but I think she is the most sincere and has a clear understanding of married/mommy life. I do like Jillian, too.

I was thrilled to see Erika and Natalie go. You're right about Kari. I was like "who" when she walked up to say goodbye.

This show is a trainwreck - the kind you can't look away from!

Valerie said...

I like Jillian and Melissa but I like Stephanie the best. She just seems genuine to me. Thought Erika was a lush. Seems like she always gets drunks at the parties.

Georgie did say you'd have liquor and cheetos. I said I'd pass but would take a little bit of Sawyer!

lol Have a great evening!