Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Story of Melly

This is the story of Melly and how she became a member of our family.  We (read me) had always wanted a dog.  We (meaning me) had held off getting one until we had a home with a fenced yard and thought we weren't going to move again.  So, when we moved to Virginia the last time, 5 years ago, I scoured the Internet and local shelters for a puppy.  

Then Hurricane Isabel hit...

For a while, I stopped my search.  Partially because we had some cleaning up to do and partially because we had no power for 2 weeks.  The week after power was restored, I went on one of my favorite puppy websites and saw Melly.  It was love at first sight!

A few weeks later we brought her home.  She cost us $100.  
(Look how little BoyBoy was!)

We had no idea what she was.  Her Foster Mom guessed that she had beagle, basset hound, maybe some dachshund, and some Shepard.  We just said she was Heinz 57.  Wasn't she cute? 

(Note to self - White Carpet and New Puppy...not a smart combination)

About 3 months after she arrived, she started limping. We noticed that her front paw was pointed to the left...

(Quit taking my picture, I am so over it!)

so we (read me) took her to the local vet.  I knew I was in trouble when she referred us to an orthopaedic veterinarian.  That title just sounds expensive, no?  After multiple x-rays and consultations and at least one second opinion, it was determined that she needed surgery.  The basset hound in her had reared its ugly head.  The surgery cost...wait for it...remember this dog only cost us $ are not going to believe...$1800!  ACK!!!

Bubba was not having it at all.  He kept telling me that we could put Melly down and get a dog with papers for that much.  But, how could we put her down?  We already loved her!

(What's not to love)

So, I sat at the bottom of the steps and did this:
('Cause this is how I roll)

Until he relented.  Poor Melly had the surgery and the loss of dignity that comes with it.  
(I can pick up Cinemax with this thing)

She spent 6 weeks with pins in her leg and limited sniffing,  frolicking and squirrel chasing in the backyard until she was pronounced healed and allowed to be her normal self again.  
(See my pretty, almost straight leg?)

So, that is the story of Melly.  Since then she had traveled extensively (to and from Germany).  She has fallen in love.  She has celebrated many Christmases.  She has chased all the rabbits and squirrels out of our back yard, and she has dug herself deeper into our hearts.  We love you,  Melly, and are so glad you picked us to be your people.


Under the Influence said...

Too cute. You are the second "dog story" I've read on a blog today! Is this a dog holiday of some kind that I don't know about?

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh Melly is adorable...I loved reading how she came to be a part of your family...
when lilest bean gets home i am gonna show her this post...she loves doggers

Nadine Hightower said...

I worked for a vet...12 years...It's quite common. Bassets and shih tzus. One lady was told to put her dog to sleep by the Vet ...which is not a good way to practice vet med...and then she came to us and we fixed it.

Our pets are not just a dog or a cat but another memeber of the family. My Furry kids mean as much to me as my non-furry ones.

Did you say margaritas and cheetos...I'm there!

Soxy Deb said...

And Melly is so blessed, so very lucky that she has people like you that love her so much.
She's beautiful and no doubt a HUGE part of your family. Squeeze her for me. :)

Debbie said...

Now that is just about the sweetest story ever! Great job with the photos,too.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Oh Melly just melted my heart! What a adorable little girl she is! We adopted a rescue and he is my little love! Definitely a member of our family, he is the best dog for us! We had no clue what we were getting but it turned out he could not have been a better dog for our family.

Ali said...

Melly is so adorable! What a great story!