Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away...

Deb over at Postcards from the Edge is having a Sesame Street Sing Along and I foolishly agreed to play along.  You have to list 10 of your favorite things, but they have to start with a certain letter (assigned to you by the blog owner).  I got the letter "O".  (Thanks, a lot, Deb!)  If you want to play along, comment and let me know! 
 I'll assign you a letter.  I promise to be nicer to you than Q's or X's to be found!

Here I go, in no particular order:

Oreo Cakesters
What's not to love?

The smell, taste and state of mind that comes from being near the ocean

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile
Seriously, who doesn't love a weinermobile?

This should probably be # 1

Lil' Oster Mini Food Processor
The best for chopping all your mini foods

Lived there for 6 years and loved all the travel and history

Orange and Blue
Go, Wahoos!  Go, Gators!  I am surprised that BoyBoy doesn't bleed these colors

I love Christmas and everything about it...can't have enough ornaments!

Oak Trees
The live oak trees in Virginia are some of the most beautiful (ok, might be stretching a bit here)
Lived here for two years and would go back to live in a second

1 comment:

Soxy Deb said...

Oh quit whining you did fine. Half the fun of being "in charge" was giving out tricky letters. You'll see.......

I'm glad they weren't in any particular order cause the Oreo cakesters and the Orgasms should have been 1 and 2. I won't say which one should be one.