Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Olympics - Fashion Edition

I have been enjoying the Olympics as I always do.  There is something about the passion, determination, and commitment of the athletes that makes me happy.  I am in awe of their skills, their courage, and their drive.  If I had just one tenth of that, I would be able to rule the world (or at least get off my but and exercise every now and again).  One thing I have noticed this year, besides the amazing talent of the American athletes, is their cool uniforms.  So I bring you the Vancouver Olympics Fashion Report.

From the Opening Ceremonies - by Ralph Lauren

Dashing, debonaire, studly, cool, dude...

Beautiful, sexy (but not too), stylish, gorgeous

Podium Jackets by Nike
Love the ombre look, very nice

Snowboard Suits by Burton
So very cool, love the plaid, love the pants that look like jeans

Bobsled/Freestyle Skiing by Under Armour
Love the stars, a little like pj's but if I could wear pj's to do my job, I totally would

Lindsay Vonn and Julie Mancuso's beanies by Ralph Lauren
So very cute!  Love Lindsay's with the Olympic rings

Honorable mentions from other countries...

Canada's Torchbearer's mittens

However the award for greatest team uniform goes to:

The Norwegian Curling Team
Those silly Norsemen!

Next up, Winter Olympics - Eye Candy Edition

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Under the Influence said...

Aren't those hilarious! Has the designer claimed them?

My youngest was all excited because "Apollo Ohno has a puffy blue coat just like mine!"