Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Women Tell All!

I don't really have much to say about the WTA episode.  If you watched it, you weren't surprised with any of it, except maybe for the "Bachelor Gives Back" part.  Predictable interviews with Gia, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Ali told us everything we already knew.  I really like Ashleigh, I think she is the most real, down to earth, funny girl there - truly what you see is what you get.  They all don't like Vienna but no one gave concrete examples of why, just that she never thought before she opened her mouth and she is immature.  The whole Rozlyn segment was awkward and uncomfortable.  ABC was trying really hard to shore up their case that they were right for kicking her off.  Interesting that Jessie never told her story about them on the steps until right then.  Didn't they do exit interviews with these girls to find out who knew what and when?  I can't believe she swore on her child's life.  Whether she was telling the truth or not, you don't do that.  She is obviously under the control of some, maybe a lot of lawyers.  Deny, deny, deny...until everyone forgets you.  I really wish that ABC has some secret footage catching them in the act.  Also interesting that they never named the producer in question.  Kudos to Chris for not dignifying her comment about him hitting on the producer's wife with a comment of her own.  Whatever.  She was very defensive and condescending to all the women and Chris.  Jake, um...whoever you choose, it is obvious that you are still deeply in love with Ali.  You couldn't look at her without tears popping into your eyes.  Should you have let her come back?  Probably.  Should you pursue her now?  Maybe.   Out of the public eye?  Definitely.Outtakes are always the highlight of the WTA episode and these were no exceptions.  My favorites were Tenley scaring the sh*t out of Gia hiding in the trunk, Jake looking at Gia's butt while she was leaning over the railing, and the people in the car yelling at Jake and Ali!Next week is the finale!  Who will he chose?    


Under the Influence said...

Maybe it's my computer, but I can't read all of your entry today because it is showing only on letter per line.

I seriously do believe if they had anything concrete on Rozlyn, they would definitely have footage. There is know way they could have been "all over each other 24/7" and not had something on camera! I think it's a little bit of both - Rozlyn not telling everything and the show trying to make it a bigger deal than it is.

Jake does much better when the editors can edit him. He seems so awkward and nerdy when he's "live."

♥Georgie♥ said...

I LOVE your recaps...
I have to agree with Jo up there...they had to have footage...I lost a lil bit of respect for ABC and the show with them still pushing all this in our face...I honestly dont care if Roz made-out or sexed up a producer that girl is the prettiest girl i think i have ever seen on this show...lol