Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I left my heart....

In San Francisco...at least that what the Bachelor might be saying after this week! 

The girls are on the road again and end up in San Fran in a huge suite all together.  Fun, just what I want to do is spend all my time with the 4 other women who are dating my boyfriend! 

Tenley got the first date and they ride a private cable car to China town.  I really like their relationship, they seem so comfortable together.  I wondered what was in the fortune cookies that they wrote themselves but knowing the Bachelor, it will be cheesy.  Kudos to Jake again for asking the tough question about Tenley's marriage and her role in its demise.  She had a great answer and I totally think she is the real deal even though her voice is a bit annoying.  Oh, and I was right "Kiss me" is the fortune in both of their cookies.  See?  They are made for each other!

Whatshername (is it bad that I still don't know her name) told a funny joke when the next date card arrived - Ali and Vienna on a group date together?  ABC, that would have been priceless!  Shoulda done it, I'm just sayin'.  Anyhoo, Gia and Vienna meet Jake at a castle in Napa.  It seemed to me he was more excited about seeing Gia than Vienna, maybe he is finally taking to heart what the other girls are saying. This whole date can be described in one word...AWKWARD!!!  From V monopolizing his time talking about Ali's meltdown, to V searching through the catacombs of the winery and getting lost, to V jumping into bed with a half-nekkid Jake, it was just all sorts of awkward...do you see the theme?  She is very immature and not very nice.  I think his attraction is purely physical since he admitted to "dirty thoughts" when she showed up in his room.  He seemed mortified and sent her packing.  While I do think Vienna is getting a bad edit, I also think that it could be a lot worse.  I think they are not showing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff between she and the other girls.  There has to be some reason for the entire group of women not to like her.

Side note...I can't stand commercials!  I think I need Tivo.  That is really sad, though, since I used to work in ad sales for a cable company putting commercials on the air!

Back to the drama...

CORRIE!  That's her name, didn't remember until she got her date card.  Sorry, but I see absolutely no chemistry between these two.  Their whole relationship can be summed up in a word - math.  Math? you say?  Math.  And here's why - She thinks that a man should go 90% of the way when initiating a kiss and the woman should only have to go 10%.  Jake believes that a woman should go 20% and a man 80%.  See the disconnect?  Their lips will never meet - he will be hanging out at 80% and she will be sitting back at 10%...the kiss hangs somewhere in the middle.  He is shocked by her admission that she is saving herself for marriage, but reassures her that it won't be the reason he sends her home - sure, Jake and I bet you have some waterfront property in Arizona you are willing to sell her, too.

Ali has the last date and she gets to plan the whole thing since SF is her adopted hometown.  You can really tell they have great chemistry and he likes her a lot.  Did he totally grab her heinie when they were kissing on the blanket?  I think to a point Ali is also getting a bad edit and ABC is focusing on her hatred for Vienna and not the chemistry between those two.  Again, kudos to Jake (the dude is a rock star when it comes to standing up for himself and asking the tough questions)  for asking about her lack of love for Vienna.  I was a little confused with Ali's answer but appreciated when she said it's in the past and it's not worth talking about it any more.

So, to end the most boring episode in Bachelor history, the cocktail party is tame, the conversations lame, and the only strange thing was Jake showing Vienna his bedroom - all the more reason to believe that he is keeping her for Little Jake and not Big Jake.  It was pretty obvious who he was sending home and the rose ceremony was just a formality.  Sorry, Corrie, you are just not fast enough for Jake.  But one question...why does it sound like he is going to puke when he says Vienna's name?

Hometown dates next week!  And a SHOCKING development!  And no rose ceremony!  Wha?

Oh, and are you ready?


Under the Influence said...

It was a pretty ho-hum episode. Looks like next week things will be spiced up quite a bit.

Ali said...

I can't believe this is the last season for Lost! Even though I don't understand a lick of what's going on I love it!