Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Olympics - Eye Candy Edition

I have a question...

Bode Miller - Alpine skiing, USA

Bryon Wilson - Freestyle Skiing, USA

Chad Hedrick - Speed Skating, USA

J.R. Celski - Speed Skating, Short Track, USA

Anton Apolo Ohno - Speed Skating, Short Track, USA

Seth Wescott - Snowboard, USA

Shani Davis - Speed Skating, USA

Shaun White - Snowboard, USA

Louis Vito - Snowboard, USA

Tony Angiboust - Curling, France

Alexandre Bilodeau, Freestyle Skiing, Canada

Has anyone else noticed the plethora of handsome men in this Winter Olympics?

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Under the Influence said...

Seth Wescott makes me swoon! My kids have informed me I am too old for him. I guess they don't like thinking of their mom as a Cougar!