Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Craziest Season Ever!!!

This is my stream of consciousness Bachelor post.  I DVR'd it and and am watching it while I type...This is the hometown date week...


has to be the ugliest boat I have ever seen...what's with the clutching her hands under her chin...her brother is scary...that hair, those glasses...yikes, her mother says i hope he is the one that heals her heart...  talk about pressure if he picks her...very wise that she can't ask him to love her...no one can love someone that quickly...fall in love maybe but true love takes time...red lipstick?  really?!


so cute how he kissed her cheek and told her he missed her.  awesome grandma's house love the charm.  funny about her mom googling him...asking her if it is ok to marry her daughter...didn't do that with gia's mom.  i think he really likes her...took off his gloves so that he could kiss her.


oregon is pretty reminds me of germany  look at him checking out her legs while she was dancing...didn't like her paper bag skirt...needed to be more flowy...liked her dad...down to earth and solid...i don't think she or her family has recovered from her divorce...still mourning the marriage...may be too soon...whole family is very emotional...asks dad for permission to marry her....VERY passionate kiss!  wowsers!!!


she is a total ditz...icky love fest between she and her dad...a little too close?  he is a bit of a jacka$$...totally see him being right in the middle of their relationship...mom says V has had other women calling her out all her life...ding!ding!ding!  what more do you need to know?  she has not been nice her whole life....run from this girl!  run fast!  her dad totally walked in on them making out!  preview of things to come?  daddy will be walking in on them a lot...didn't see him ask for her hand.

Ali bombshell...is it really that hard to decide whether to stay there or go back to work...if you think you love him, you stay.  period.the.end.do.not.pass.go.do.not.collect.a.bachelor!   however...he didn't tell her to stay.

Chris Harrison..."thanks for quitting your job, but you're not the one!"

Ali looks like she swallowed something nasty...or took too many drugs...i do understand her dilemma..it would be different if she knew totally that he was going to pick her...glad he told her that he didn't want her to go...she is going totally into the ugly cry...somebody get that girl a tissue...he looks like he is going to blow chunks...i think she is making a huge mistake...he totally loves her...this has been the craziest season ever!

headed to st. lucia with Tenly, Gia, and Vienna...

what about the phone call?  will Ali come back for ATFR?


Under the Influence said...

If I see Jake lean over one more railing while he cries, I am going to blow chunks!

oliveoyl64 said...

I read reality steve's spoilers, so I know what should be happening, but I still watch the show.

Ali and Jake look like Ken and Barbie, but I like them together. Usually when the guy puts the girl in the limo, they shut the door and make a quick exit. He lingered and cried while kissing her and said, "I feel like you are slipping right through my fingers."

I honestly cannot stand anyone else but Tenley, but I don't think she is ready just yet.

I am hoping Ali comes back for the final rose and totally throws an unexpected kink. Either that or he does not choose either of the F2 and waits for Ali.

♥Georgie♥ said...

ohhhh goodness what a show....i too have read some spoilers just because i am impatient and know there is behind the scenes drama going on...

I bet Ali is the one in the end...wasnt it Jason who did a switcheroo after TFR thats my guess