Monday, March 2, 2009


I have been tagged not once, but twice last week and since I was so busy getting ready for the in-laws, I haven't had time to do anything about it.  May I first say, gee willikers and golly!  I am so excited about being tagged.  It was my first time!  That's right, I am a tagging virgin!  

So, Bar-B tagged me with the "What's in your purse?" tag.  You are supposed to empty your purse and take photos of what's inside.  SCARY!!!  I have a little purse but it is a bit like Fibber McGee's Closet, small but filled with junky goodness.  First, I have to take my camera out in order to take the picture.  OK, here is is, my purple, adorable, $22.99 Target purse

And here is the mess...

Finally, the guts and the glory...

Did you notice no less than 7 different lip products?  How about the dental floss?  Tic-tacs?  Some might say I am orally fixated.  

And, next, definitely most appreciated and, dare-I-say, well deserved award is from Amy.  Amy thinks little ole me is FABULOUS!!!  I certainly am not going to disagree with her...she is a Nguyener (Win*ner) after all!  

Now, I am supposed to add 5 things I am addicted to (which should be easy - do I have to limit to only 5?)

#1 - Reality TV - Oh, Jason, please be the man I think you are tonight!
#2 - Target - See above adorable, purple purse
#3 - The beach - anyplace where sand can run through my toes and it is OK to drink a Bud Light at 10 in the morning has got to be my favorite!
#4 - Iced Tea - Preferably, Chic-fil-A, but Harris Teeter will do in a pinch
#5 - My husband - going sober for the year he was deployed was like having the DT's.   I need me some Bubba, all the time!

Now, I am going to tag 5 of you and you can do which ever one you want!!  Have fun.

The Lovely Linda
The Great Georgie
The Adorable Ali
The Preppy Linda
and The Hysterical Tiffany

All of these women make me laugh, cry, and snicker on a regular basis...check them out!


Lynda said...

Hey, thanks! Being called Lovely is the best prize of all :-)

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Jason better redeem himself tonight or hell have no fury for him tomorrow on my blog!

I love me some Target & Chick-Fil-A too!

Ali said...

Thank you for the tag! I may just have to do the purse tag since I got a new purse recently:)