Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Askin'

What is it about 80 degree weather in early March that makes people think it is OK to go outside dressed like this?
Or, this?
First of all, its March!  No one should wear shorts in March unless you live in one of those states where the temperature never dips below 70.  Just don't do it!  

Second of all, hasn't anyone ever heard of self-tanner?  There are some good ones out there these days that don't leave you looking like this: 

Or, God forbid, this:

And third, while I know that tattoos are in and hip and all that, as a woman, you should worship your body as a temple and only adorn it with dainty, demure, lady-like tattoos.  A pretty star, a small heart, maybe a sun and preferably in places that only you and a select few know about.  Don't go out in public with tattoos like these:

(although I would kill for her abs!)

OK, I am off my soapbox, now.  I am taking my pasty white legs and heading to get some of this:

I'll be in shorts in no time!  Woot!


Under the Influence said...

I definitely need some self tanner before I even consider a pair of shorts!

And if I had boobs like that tatoo woman, I don't think I would even bother with a shirt!!!!!!

Debbie said...

I hate to be critical but I don't think self-tanner would help those folks. Their shorts and tank top days are over.

Soxy Deb said...

LMAO! Well since I'm not dainty or demure, I don't have tatts that are. But don't worry, I'll never gross you out by making you look at them.
Now I have been going to the tanning bed though, for a little over a month, so I think it's ok if *I* wear shorts - lol.

Impulsive Addict said...

AMEN sister! Except I wore shorts while walking my doggie 2 days ago. Am I in trouble?

♥Trina♥ said...

March or not and tanned or not...some people just shouldn't wear shorts and tanks! And if they do wear shorts, they need to be longer than those in the first picture.

The Mrs. said...

heres what I always wonder, should I be impressed with the way they just embrace their bodies or worried about their lack of shame? I have yet to figure that one out.

I've given up on the tan. I might try when I'm in florida but I've just embraced my whiteness.