Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogiversary!!! (or my Bachelor, Jason, Wii Fit, Lotus Focus, Lost, Dancing with the Stars, Twilight Post)

Today is my first Blogiversary!  I cannot believe that I have been doing this for a year.  I have devoted a year of my life to this baby and I appreciate all the love I have gotten in return.  I love you all, my sweet 23 (wait!  24!  woot!) little followers.  Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every day.  Your comments mean the world to me.  I can remember my very first comment and how titillating it was.  It took two months for that first hit and I was officially addicted.  Then, I just needed more...please, just one more comment?  I will pay you back with one on your site?!?  Please?!?  And so it began.  I found Jill and Georgie and Sue and Deb and Amy and Amy and Jen.  I did Secret Santa Soiree, because who doesn't love a good gift exchange, and from there found Lynda and Ali and Barb.  And so on, and so on, and so on...

So to honor all of my wonderful gals and guys, I am doing a Blogiversary Giveaway!  No complicated rules, just comment here and I will randomly pick someone to receive a basket of all of my favorite things.  It is a prize package worth...

??? Who Knows Because I Haven't Put It Together Yet!??? 

So, go ahead and comment.  If you want to tell your friends about my little giveaway, please do.  It will not get you anything extra except my undying love and devotion and maybe a snarky comment on your blog every now and then.  And, no, this is not an attempt to lure more people over to the Cheeze.  If I wanted to do that I would put words like "The Bachelor" and "Jason" or  "Wii Fit"and "Twilight" in my title.  And that would make me a comment whore and analytics junkie and I am neither of those things.  Not me.  No way.  

OK...get down there and comment and I will announce the winner next week!!  Good luck!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Foto(s) Friday

Bye, bye pee-can tree!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I was just getting ready to post about what a funk I am in and how unmotivated I am to post.  Wah, wah, wah...then I went over to my Google reader to rustle up some inspiration and was met with a whopping dose of reality.  

If you believe in God and feel compelled to do so, please pray for this family.  Their baby boy, Stellan is already a miracle among us, and he is now clinging to his life.  I have often been inspired by this mother's faith, entertained by her humor, and awed by her parenting.  Even though I have never met her and I am one small follower in her flock of 500+, I feel as though I know her and have grown to love her and her many charming kids.  I will be praying for Stellan tonight.  Hang in there MckMuffin...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Foto Friday

Happy First Day of Spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What the?

Awakened this morning by a 7 am phone call from the school system.  Two hour delay due to. . .


Yep, welcome to Virginia, folks.  Where we cancel school if they even forcast a 10% chance of snow and we sleep in if there is a wee bit of fog.  And, to add insult to injury, Wednesdays are always short days due to teacher planning time.  So, BoyBoy will go to school for an hour, eat lunch, and come home.  Whew!  What a grueling day for a young lad of 11.  He might need a nap when he gets home.

Meanwhile, Wheezer doesn't have enough time to workout and go to the tanning place (don't want my fellow cruise mates to fall overboard from my blinding white thighs!).  Shoot, there isn't even enough time to go to Old Navy for the third time this week.  Rats!  

There was time, however, to snuggle under the covers with BoyBoy and watch SpongeBob!  Don't say I don't enrich my child at home!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck o' the Irish to ye!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wheezer + Bubba = BoyBoy

Bubba, BoyBoy and I had an interesting conversation over dinner a few nights ago.  I can't remember how we got on the subject but we began discussing which of BoyBoy's traits he had gotten from me and my side of the family and which he had gotten from Bubba and his side.  It was fun to banter back and eyes (brown), Bubba's lips (full and yummy), neither of our hair color (mine: blonde, Bubba's: dark brown, BoyBoy's: light brown).  Then, we started delving a little deeper.  Sense of humor:  both of us, dry wit:  Bubba, stubbornness:  both of us, tendency to cry at the drop of a hat:  mine.  BoyBoy liked very much that he was almost equal parts from both of us.  He also liked that there were many traits that he got from both of us.  Those are the ones that are strongest in him, like his sense of humor.  Also, his stubbornness, his anal retentiveness, his how can I make the world better-ness.  He got his overwhelming intelligence from my dad (that one obviously skips a generation!).  His ability to see whats wrong with a situation and attempt to make it right he got from Bubba's side.  His computer smarts from Bubba and my dad (again, generation skipper).  He is sensitive like me, acutely aware when someone is upset and quick to get his feelings hurt.  I truly believe that the genetic soup that Bubba and I stirred has set BoyBoy up for a great life.  He will have to choose which family traits to work on and nurture and which will need careful managing.  It is a scary thing to think that you have passed your bad traits on to your child.  You hope that you are able to show him the way that will make him the best person God wants him to be.  

Kind of daunting...but we are giving it our best shot.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Garage Band in the Making...

Found this over at Linda's and thought it was fun...

My first album cover...after Simon Cowell discovers me and I take my act on the road!

Don't you want to know what your first album cover will look like?  

To create your very own album cover:

Click here and the first Wikipedia article is the name of your band

Click here and the last four or five words of the last quote on the page are the name of your album

Click here and the third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover

Photoshop/Foto Flex it all together

There you go!  You're Greek now! (lame reference to my favorite movie of all time)

Have fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Askin'

What is it about 80 degree weather in early March that makes people think it is OK to go outside dressed like this?
Or, this?
First of all, its March!  No one should wear shorts in March unless you live in one of those states where the temperature never dips below 70.  Just don't do it!  

Second of all, hasn't anyone ever heard of self-tanner?  There are some good ones out there these days that don't leave you looking like this: 

Or, God forbid, this:

And third, while I know that tattoos are in and hip and all that, as a woman, you should worship your body as a temple and only adorn it with dainty, demure, lady-like tattoos.  A pretty star, a small heart, maybe a sun and preferably in places that only you and a select few know about.  Don't go out in public with tattoos like these:

(although I would kill for her abs!)

OK, I am off my soapbox, now.  I am taking my pasty white legs and heading to get some of this:

I'll be in shorts in no time!  Woot!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Colonel Bubba

I promised you pictures and I am finally getting around to posting them.  Bubba's entire sibling population descended on Casa Cheeze last weekend and it was a fun, chaotic, entertaining, laugh fest.  Those kids really know how to have a good time!  On Friday, we all gathered to pin on Bubba's final rank in the Army.  We were all very proud of him and his accomplishments.  For me it was a little bittersweet.  I love the Army and all of it's pomp and circumstance and I will miss that part of it.  Knowing that this was the last time I would help to promote my husband made me proud but also a bit sad.  The Army has been the biggest part of our lives together from the beginning and we have weathered every curve ball it has sent our way.  Life after the Army will be sweet, for sure, but different.  

Anyhoo...sorry, I got a little sappy there.  Here are the pics:

Boyboy and I pinning on Bubba's rank (or in BoyBoy's case velcro-ing)

The Entire Clan

I am still waiting for more pics from the siblings and will post more then.  That is blog fodder in itself so I will be posting about that later.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Done

Finished, over, stick a fork in me, done.  Not to mention angry, pissed, disappointed, incredulous.  I will never watch The Bachelor/ette again.  I took 5 pages of notes during the finale, and I am not even going to blog about that part.  The train wreck that was After the Final Rose just killed any love I had for Jason Mesnik.  No, I am not going to give him the benefit of the doubt.  He doesn't deserve it.  What he did last night was unforgivable and if he did it because ABC told him to, it makes him look even worse.  You don't break up with someone on national television and then not ten minutes later, make out on national television with someone else!  Every other Bachelor/ette in history has had the decency to give the relationship their best try and let them run their course out of the public eye.  What Jason did to Melissa was just wrong.  She showed a lot of class and tried to fight for the relationship that she thought they had.  She was blindsided and had every right to punch him in the face.  I wish she had.  And then Molly...the more I watched her, the more I hated what was happening.  I can't believe ABC thought this would make anyone look good.  Maybe they don't care if the contestants look good.  They are getting great press from all this and they are eating it up.  Already, Jason has been on Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America.  I won't be watching any of it.  I am done.  There is nothing they can say tonight on After the Final Rose 2 that will change my mind.  Even my beloved Jillian can't salvage this fiasco.  She should know better.  I can't believe she is willing to put herself through this circus.  What will the ABC producers get her to do?  Get pregnant?  Then the After the Final Rose show can be the paternity test.  Which of the bachelors is the daddy?  This show has officially broken my spirit.  Reality Steve, I take back every terrible thing I ever said about you.  You were right.    

Monday, March 2, 2009


I have been tagged not once, but twice last week and since I was so busy getting ready for the in-laws, I haven't had time to do anything about it.  May I first say, gee willikers and golly!  I am so excited about being tagged.  It was my first time!  That's right, I am a tagging virgin!  

So, Bar-B tagged me with the "What's in your purse?" tag.  You are supposed to empty your purse and take photos of what's inside.  SCARY!!!  I have a little purse but it is a bit like Fibber McGee's Closet, small but filled with junky goodness.  First, I have to take my camera out in order to take the picture.  OK, here is is, my purple, adorable, $22.99 Target purse

And here is the mess...

Finally, the guts and the glory...

Did you notice no less than 7 different lip products?  How about the dental floss?  Tic-tacs?  Some might say I am orally fixated.  

And, next, definitely most appreciated and, dare-I-say, well deserved award is from Amy.  Amy thinks little ole me is FABULOUS!!!  I certainly am not going to disagree with her...she is a Nguyener (Win*ner) after all!  

Now, I am supposed to add 5 things I am addicted to (which should be easy - do I have to limit to only 5?)

#1 - Reality TV - Oh, Jason, please be the man I think you are tonight!
#2 - Target - See above adorable, purple purse
#3 - The beach - anyplace where sand can run through my toes and it is OK to drink a Bud Light at 10 in the morning has got to be my favorite!
#4 - Iced Tea - Preferably, Chic-fil-A, but Harris Teeter will do in a pinch
#5 - My husband - going sober for the year he was deployed was like having the DT's.   I need me some Bubba, all the time!

Now, I am going to tag 5 of you and you can do which ever one you want!!  Have fun.

The Lovely Linda
The Great Georgie
The Adorable Ali
The Preppy Linda
and The Hysterical Tiffany

All of these women make me laugh, cry, and snicker on a regular basis...check them out!